From supernaturally delicious teas to glow-in-the-dark accessories, our new Halloween collection is spooktacular.

Halloween teas

Spooky new accessories

haunted mansion survival kit

Six of our favourite sweet teas, spookified just for Halloween.

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ghost glow in the dark nordic mug

Our classic Nordic Mug, with a fun design that glows in the dark.

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black ceramic mason jar

Try keeping your hands off this handsome black mason jar with infuser. We dare you.

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ghost infuser

A stainless steel and silicone infuser shaped like a ghost.

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ghost iconic cup

Sip your favourite brew out of this ceramic Halloween version of our iconic to go cup.

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behind the magic

People say our teas taste magical, but it's just naturally incredible ingredients. Or is it?

diy magic potion

Our colour changing tea isn't the only Magic Potion in town. Steep up these bewitchingly delicious combos — and share your own magic tea spells using #davidstea.

cast a tea spell

Juniper berries are known for their detox benefits, but did you know they were also thought to ward off witchcraft? Discover the surprising supernatural benefits of natural teas.

This romantic spice was thought to have aphrodisiac powers in ancient times.

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This mystical root was historically drunk for its calming, sleep-inducing properties.

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These detoxifying berries were once used for casting out plague and witchcraft.

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This aromatic spice was long thought to attract good luck and prosperity.

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Alexander the Great is said to have given this root to his army for protection and healing.

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